Terrorism Research Center

The Terrorism Research Center in Fulbright College (TRC) was created in 2003 to facilitate research on terrorism, extremist violence, and the effectiveness of intervention strategies.  The TRC plays an integral role in ongoing research to better understand the spatial and temporal patterns of terrorist activities.

Image of Old Main - South Tower The Center plays host to the American Terrorism Study (ATS), one of the nation's longest running research projects on terrorism in the United States. The project provides a comprehensive record of persons indicted in federal courts as a result of FBI "terrorism enterprise" investigations. Current research builds upon the ATS focusing on geospatial and temporal aspects of terrorist incident planning working towards refining and providing additional insights into the behavior of terrorist groups.

Research includes the following areas of analysis:

(1) federal terrorism court cases demographic patterns of indictees and groups

(2) count and case outcomes for federal terrorism court cases

(3) prosecutorial and defense strategies of federal terrorism court cases

(4) sentencing results of federal terrorism court cases

(5) geospatial and temporal analysis of terrorist activities

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